Hello dear readers and random passers by. Do you enjoy ‘Yet Another Comic’? Well as the creator so do i, but i would like as many people as possible enjoying what i have to offer every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday here at the site.

This is why i’m dubbing April ‘Yet Another Comic’ month! I’ve started myself a month long project wonderful ad campaign to bring in a host of new readers from all across the web, but i would like to enlist the help of my loyal readers as well. Do you frequent a forum? Do you spend too much time on Fark, Reddit, or Stumbleupon? Are you one of those social media people who have a bajillion facebook friends and twitter followers? If so, how about spreading the word? Not just for the comic in general, but if you’ve got a strip you love and think others would enjoy, why not use the share buttons available or just plain old send em up to the url?

The  comic has been going strong for almost a year and a half now and i gotta tell ya folks, it’s not even close to peaking in artistic and humorous quality. I love creating it, and will continue creating, but it’d be great to know that more and more people are discovering and enjoying what i have to offer.

If you can help, i’d really appreciate it. If not, continue to enjoy the comic, and tell me what you think either in the comments, by email, or on twitter.

Oh and why is April 2012 so special? Well i may have a birthday on the 26th, and i may be turning 30. This lends itself to making sure April is the bestest month for the comic ever! But the whole 30 thing… that’s a secret. Shh, don’t tell anyone. Wink!

- Dave F