Here we begin. It all starts with a comic. The site will grow in the future, but let the good times roll!

[edit] This is Dave talking from the future! Oooo! Anyway folks, i thought i’d just add a disclaimer here. The first couple months of the comic detail my history and some projects that never made the web. I’ve provided links to old material and want to assure you, reading my earlier work is no pre-requisite for enjoying this comic strip. If you feel inclined to go look at some of the older comics, i thank you for taking an interest and hope you find some enjoyment there, but Yet Another Comic is a stand alone thing.

Also as i type this, i have just started updating the blog under each comic on every update. This is around the end of July/start of August 2011. While some comics have blog posts detailing some information, they are rare. If you care about other things i have to say, wait till you get to the time frame i mentioned.

That being said, continue to let the good times roll!