Any creative person should know this process. Funnily enough i write most of my comics in the shower, and it’s actually a rare occurance i forget them before i write that idea down, either as a comic or in my ideas book. The reason this bout of forgetfulness inspired this comic is that i do remember it was a great idea. I have this theory that’s pretty half baked if i do say so myself. There are two types of ideas i get. Ones that are a flash in the pan. If i don’t write them down soon, they’re gone forever. Others are ideas that i hold on to. I might not use them for a long time but i am safe in the knowledge that they never leave, and usually the longer they stew in my brain, the more refined they get. The theory is that the ideas that the brain holds onto and refines are good ideas, but the ones that leave you immedietly… well they’re great ideas, and it makes their loss all the more tragic.

Till next time, enjoy the comic and tell your friends!